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TheGreenHub.ca is targeting environmentally-conscious consumers.
This demographic is growing dramatically. And content marketing is leading the way.

Statistics Canada reports show that the majority of Canadians have adopted environmentally-friendly behaviours, a dramatic shift from two decades ago. For instance, a recent report offers evidence that energy considerations are playing a major role in the decision to purchase big-ticket items in Canada.

For example, 54 percent of households reported they’d bought a major appliance in the past five years. Of those, nearly two-thirds said water or energy consumption were the biggest factors in their purchasing decision, followed by price consideration (at 55 per cent). This demonstrates the extent to which consumers are adopting green initiatives.

TheGreenHub.ca will be a one-stop, go-to destination for green consumers by featuring online business profiles, articles and marketing.

This growing audience is searching for credible and reliable sources of information and advice. To that end, TheGreenHub.ca has established itself as a trusted authority on green services and products.

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Consumers today want answers and they are seeking out leading experts for information, education and advice. The professionals at
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Why is this important and why should your business turn to us to help bring your message to the green consumer?

According to a Cone Communications Green Gap Trend Tracker

Consumers are showing an inclination to learn more. North Americans report they regularly read and follow instructions on how to properly use (71 per cent) or dispose (66 per cent) of a product. Some 41 per cent said they perform additional research to determine how best to utilize and discard a product for maximum benefit, according to the Cone survey.

Nearly all respondents (85 per cent) want companies to educate them on how to properly use and dispose of products. But they identify significant barriers to doing so, as well. One-third of consumers (33 per cent) cited not having the adequate resources, such as disposal bins and community access, as the primary reason for not disposing or using products as intended, while 20 per cent stated they simply do not know how to do so.

Almost three-quarters (71 per cent) of consumers wish companies would do a better job helping them understand environmental terms. Although they feel overwhelmed by the volume of messages in the marketplace, consumers prioritize authenticity over perfection and will punish companies if they feel misled: Some 48 per cent say they are overwhelmed by environmental messages, the survey says.

A company’s honesty on green issues is also an important factor for consumers: some 69 per cent say it’s okay if a company is not environmentally perfect as long as it is honest, but 78 per cent say they will boycott a product if they discover an environmental claim to be misleading.

“Content marketing is the technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience.”

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  • Greg (Greg McMillan, President of TheGreenHub.ca) has the knack of transforming raw material into credible, professional information content across all of today's modern media forms, all with a calm, no-fuss professional attitude. If you are a business or professional that has a message that you need to be professionally presented across today's media forms, Greg should be high on your list of ‘go-to’ people.
    Dara Bowser - Principal Consultant at Bowser Technical Inc
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    Andy Warhol
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